Buy your favourite wine direct nz through online


Wine is a beverage which is commonly made from fermented grape juice. It contains some percentage of alcohol but drinking wine is good for our body. There are so many flavours and colours of wine available in the market. These include, white wine, rose wine, red wine, sparkling wine, fortified wine, dessert wine. The white wine is commonly made without the grape skin and the red wine is made by fermenting the grape juice along with the skins. Among these the red wine is the most popular and healthy one. It has attractive colour and also have many health benefits. Wine is good for the heart and helps us to maintain our body.

Various health benefits of drinking wine

There are different benefits in drinking wine. It is advisable to take a glass of wine each day. This will help you to maintain your body in several ways. Wine can help you to get a good memory power. It will help you to maintain your body mass so that you will not get obese. It helps to boost your body defenses, it help your body to prevent from bacteria. This helps you to guard against the ovarian woes which helps you o prevent women’s from cancer. Drinking wine also helps you to build you better bones. This also acts as the anti-oxidants which help you to get a better skin. Wine is good for the health of the body and has various benefits.

Things to know before you purchase wine

You can make wine in your home or you can get it from the market. There are wide varieties of wine available in the market. The quality of the wine is determined by how older the wine is. Longer the fermentation betters the quality. There are several companies which sell wines through online. There are many wine companies in new eland that provides various categories of wine online. If you want to buy the wine direct nz then search the internet and get the best company which sells the branded wines. New eland is one of the best regions which make good wine.

While purchasing through online you can get various brands and categories which is difficult in getting through traditional purchasing. You can shop from anywhere and can get the quality wine. You have to select the wine according to its rating and the one which suits your taste and flavour. Choose the best wine from the company which sells quality wines.

Getting affordable roof repair service from the Auckland company


Roofing is one of the main parts of the house structure that will save properties and people living in the home. Every homeowner needs to keep their roofs better with no any damages. If the homeowners are experiencing roof damages, they should have to hire an emergency roof repairs Auckland services from the professional roofing service people. Roofing is essential part of the home building structure that will only be handled by the skilled and trained technicians. None of the normal people can do the roof repair service for their house. There are so many professional roofing repair service experts available in the market. They are representatives of the professional roofing service providing companies in the Auckland. If the homeowners want to hire the best roofing repair service experts, first they must have to find the best company that has been providing the best quality roof repair service to all customers. The Auckland roofing service companies will provide excellent roof repair solutions to all types of roof damages and problems.

These companies have plenty of skilled, experienced, and trained technicians who are experts in giving best roof repairs Auckland services to all houses and also commercial building owners. Commercial building owners are also often facing this roofing repair and damage and require roofing repair services from the professional service people. Roofing damages always need an emergency service to save the properties and also living people. Emergency roof repair service is common to both household and commercial building owners. All Auckland roof repair service companies have been providing emergency roofing services to all customers. The roof damage may occur due to many reasons such as water leakage, weather hit, or sometimes plant blow branches onto the roof. These reasons are breaking roof tiles and also damaging shingles. Extended rain and water leakage are main and most common reason for this roof damage. Most of the Auckland homeowners have the best protection aspects for saving their roofs from the watery damages. Even though they have several safety precautions for avoiding roof damage, extensive levels of rain will spoil such precautions.

At that time, all household and commercial building owners will need to get the best roof repairs Auckland service from the reputed company. If the customers find the reputed roof repair service company, they can get the best, professional, skilled, experienced, and qualified roof repair experts for their best benefits. When hiring these professional roof service people, the customers should have to make sure their service experience and skill set. All Auckland roof service companies will collect the requirements from the customers and allot the service person according to the particular requirements of the customers. So, the homeowners or other commercial building owners no need to worry about their quality of service and extensive repair services. These roof repair service experts will also collect only minimum money from the customers even for their emergency roof repair services. Auckland roof repair service company is the best choice to all customers for getting high quality roof repair solution.

Virtual Assistant: Latest employment domain


The emerging trends in employment services had lead to a new concept known as “virtual assistant”. Many countries and many organizations are following this kind of employment. As an indirect employee, a person will be working for a particular organization. The person will be engaged in the activities of the organization by residing in some other place. The person will not be a direct employee of that organization and paid on a contract basis. The payment depends upon the number of days and the hours of employment. Many organizations used to pay on a consolidated basis without salary hikes. Some organizations pay only for hourly basis as per the requirement.

The person involved in virtual assistance may work for various organizations simultaneously. Mostly, these people will be working from their homes or from some other locations. Over the phones and mails they will be reporting to their organizations. The assignments are assigned to them over the mails, at the end of the day they will dispatch the completed tasks over the mails.

Overhead cost: The main reason for appointing these kinds of virtual assistants is to reduce the overhead expense for the organization. The overhead cost related to employee salary is very much reduced by appointing these kinds of employees. This contract based employees will not have any bonus, provident funds or insurance claims from the organization. Organization need not have the constant salary expense for these employees, which in turn reduces their overhead expense.

Technical era: The technical advancement is one of the main reasons for the growth of virtual employment jobs. Immediate contacts are possible through mails and chats. Through video conferencing facility the employees can be contacted from any remote location. The business discussions can be done through video conferencing at any time. Skype and Google VOIP are often used for these kinds of tasks. The files in the form of soft copies are uploaded in mails and forwarded to the concerned destination.

Virtual employees come from a variety of business backgrounds and industries. Most of them have several years experience earned in the non-virtual business world. This concept of employment is not limited to a particular industry. All industries including automobile, retail, hospital, manufacturing and education are appointing these kinds of employees. These employees will be concentrating mostly in the back office record works. This is also a form of outsourcing which is conducted internally with the nation. Many young graduates and job seekers are now seeking these kinds of employment opportunities.

Guidelines for selling the house fast


Selling the house fast through the services from professionals in the real estate Auckland attracts many residents nowadays. It is difficult to sell or buy a property without a professional service since it takes several months to finish property deal.  The best option for selling the house or property fast is hiring the service of real estate service provider.  Residents who have chosen this service can sell the house within few weeks. So, people who like to sell the house fast any reason among different reasons like divorce and relocating can choose the service from the real estate companies.

Following are the guidelines for people to sell the home for best price. First step is valuing the property. Everybody in the world estimate the value of their property that is above the value of property in the market. If people want to sell quickly, they should be realistic. They should check out the other properties in their area and get an opinion from the reputable and experienced real estate professional. The seller should be prepared to reduce their expectations if they genuinely like to sell the house quickly. Sometimes a lower offer than the expected price for a house can also be a good thing. House with a low price can ignite the bidding war that causes the value of the house to rise.

Second step is looking at comparables. Comparables are what neighbourhood properties are being listed in recent times. If a person has 3 bedroom and 2 bath house, he has to look out a house with 3 bedrooms and 3 bath homes around the area to have an idea of fixing the price of the house for sale. People can keep away from this difficult job when they make use of real estate Auckland services comprehensively  to estimates the value of the property after taking some surveys. Surveyors will come and visit the house and made an analysis about the looking condition of the house.

One of the other options for people to sell house fast is pricing their home and place it on the real estate Auckland market during the period of spring or fall. These periods are the best times for buyers who wish to buy properties of residential type. In these periods, the kids will either finish the school or just started to go school. Pricing the house at the right time will let the seller to avoid bad times and situations during the rest time of the year. If people could not found best solution themselves to sell their house fast, they can make use of the services provided by real estate companies that buys the property for best price in the market. People can choose the best real estate company by checking reviews of various companies in the industry of real estate Auckland. They can try to get a quote for their property from all companies. After comparing the quotes provided by the most reputable companies they can choose the one that provide best offer for the property.

How public charity trust helps needy people in the society


Today, most of the countries are in the stage of developed countries or developing countries. Even though these countries have all facilities for the people, still most of them are in need of basic things to survive their life. The persons with the poverty do not have food, shelter, and clothing. They are always fighting with the society to get such basic needs for their life. If there are helpless children with no parents, they can also not get basic education for their future. The poverty is a major reason for this situation of such needy people. There are so many charitable organizations or trusts available in the society to help all persons in need. If the needy people approach  Ngati Paoa Public trust with charitable purpose, they can get the best benefits of necessary things to survive their life.

Public charitable trust may be started by government or private organizations but its only aim is to help needy people. It is not only behalf of a single person because it is a public organization. The persons who are having better financial situations can donate money to these trusts. The legal representatives of these public charity trusts are collecting donation money from the different donors and use it for the charity purposes. There are thousands of public charity trusts are available in different regions of all countries to avoid helpless situations of the people. Some of the charitable trusts are helping only for helpless women or children. If such trusts are getting enough donations, they will expand their service borders to the next level.

All these funds run by the trustee with the help of the donors in their regions. Public trust is an official place of the public interested persons to help men, women or children in need of everything. Education is a backbone of the children to get the best and bright future ahead. In that way, the trustees are spending some amount of funds to the education of the helpless children. If someone gives education to the kids, it is like a life to them. With the help of their knowledge and skills gained from the education, they can shape their career in future. That is why education is very important to the children of small age. The Public trust representatives will get the full responsibility of distributing donation funds to all the necessary things even to child’s education.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services from the most reputable companies give the best benefits to people who have a need to promote the business online.  These services get the most excellent recognition among businessmen today. Reasonable prices of SEO services give endless benefits to every person who has been involving in the business promotional issues online. Many SEO companies provide different packages of in-built services. On the other hand, well experienced businessmen prefer custom SEO services that support them completely focus on the most appropriate techniques to develop their business online.   Clients of leading SEO service providers throughout the world get satisfied with the best benefits from affordable services.

As compared to spending money for traditional marketing issues, this is worthwhile to spend less than estimated budget for using competitive prices of services from SEO companies. Experts in the SEO services have a commitment to learning the most recent technologies and tools comprehensively. As a result, they provide the most outstanding support according to every expectation of their clients.  Even though some businessmen make little efforts to optimize their websites in search engines by using free SEO tools online, they fail to get the desired outcome on time.  They get dissatisfied with hours of time they spent without success. They can prefer high-quality services from the most reliable SEO Company in the industry today.

Well experienced SEO professionals make use of the most successful approaches to provide the best quality SEO services without delay. They get satisfied clients and referrals from former clients increasingly. Custom services from SEO experts attract businessmen who have decided to spend their resources efficiently so as to promote the business within the budget and timeline.  Trained staff members in the most successful SEO companies give attention to their customers’ requirements before they make every effort professionally. They do not fail to provide the instant support to every customer who wishes to know about the project level on a regular basis.

Clients of the most modern SEO services nowadays fulfill their expectations on the business development issues online. They feel happy to get the best services and support from professionals in this leading industry. They get interested to make use of this successful way to develop their business further. The most effective services from qualified SEO professionals do not fail to make clients be satisfied.  As a cost-effective way to improve the business visibility level online successfully, every SEO service gets the best identification among people who engage in their business online.

Many users of Internet have a preference on the Google search engine to look for what they wish.  This is one of the major reasons for why businessmen nowadays get interested to use a high-quality SEO service.  Once they have preferred a successful SEO service, they can augment their website rank that leads to make visible their website in the first page of the Google search results. They can get the best return on investment from the SEO experts’ services according to their business development issues online.

Study abroad in Auckland


Students who like to obtain an exclusive educational experience and like to expand their view on the world can consider studying abroad at the best universities of Auckland, Australia and New Zealand. This becomes possible after they get passed in the IELTS exam. Students can discover the great prospect of English course through IELTS. IELTS means international English language testing system and this is the most recognized and trusted English language test in the world. This is proven to be one among the high and standard quality tests for aspirants in English language. This helps aspirants who aimed to study abroad or like to immigrate to new places. Students who like to study in the universities of Auckland can write IELTS course Auckland test. This test is being taken by many students all over the world. This proves the importance of this test for the aspirants. More than 125 countries are conducting this test to enable students have opportunity to study abroad.

This test is based on checking the four components such as listening, writing, speaking and reading. Students can have chances to learn these components of language English through the IELTS sample test. The need of obtaining certification in IELTS is the tremendous value of this test in starting the career abroad and studying abroad.  If you are a student with a desire of studying in the universities of countries America, New Zealand, UK, USA, Australia and Canada, you should write this test and got certified in it. Even people who have planned to start their career in these nations should also write this test. People who want to immigrate to Auckland should write the IELTS Auckland. The pass value of the test varies as per the countries. So, people should know the pass mark of the IELTS test of the nation that they like o move. They can attend IELTS classes and get well trained in the English language. Then attend the IELTS test to make their dream come true.

There are sample tests conducted by many institutions that provide IELTS training classes to the people who have a desire of moving abroad. If you like studying or working in Auckland, you can try the IELTS Auckland sample tests. These sample tests include IELTS reading test and IELTS listening practice to satisfy the needs of the people who aspire to get succeed in this test. People can try the sample online tests that are really helpful for the students to show their best in getting the IELTS certification. The greatest feature of this test is designed to keep in view of many English learners from all over the world. This test is developed to consider both the beginner and expert in the English language. By taking many sample tests online students can prepare well for IELTS test. The successful advice for the people to attain success in IELTS test is preparing and practicing the IELTS test well. Many institutes are there in every country that can offer many IELTS courses to the aspirants.


A lonely,


One sad,


A man tired of bothering to,


A man‘s world, transparent,


When you can have the world, but would only hold tears up the sad,


Unexamined life, grows lazy like bacteria, breeding ground for tens of thousands of tons of the virus theycarry Miss.


Face masks and antibacterial clothes, isolation rooms


Transparent white, transparent, lonely, a March of the lonely and no one read, oxygen masks in the air is sofresh and so pure that my loneliness instant broke, my thoughts, my grief, no, nobody can read my loss andmust not


Impulse, this devil, this forever variable not Angel, forever lonely like dream of devil, pulled out has oxygen cover, pulled out that let I stop Miss of oxygen cover, overwhelming of bacteria invaded has I of treads, I open big has mouth, open big has eye, no God of faces more like a lost life of people, white of sheets Xia, that life body, was bacteria swallowed of life body, now, on like a with body, gradually, corrosion, gradually, lost color, gradually and sheets thaw for one, again gradually, into transparent lonely of life body.


Dream yin, Yin Meng “Mother in softly called I, I suddenly see has himself, see himself of eyes became as clarity, like water like Crystal, body became good light good light, slowly of fly has up, like a mission tangible of air, I never see had such clear of world, a eye mender they of sad Hi, I see Xuan, she, I best of friends, seems you, long missing has, you OK did?


Yes, there are foam, this beautiful girl, she sometimes and I feel like, Oh, I saw Zhang, the frogs usuallysmiling Zhang, and Wang; Ah, why there is teacher Wang, his is the face, contempt, indifference and acrafty look Yin Meng smiles, because I see that their heart just as lonely and happy, I suddenly feelcheerful and understanding than ever before, and always thought no one understands that better thanhimself alone, just don’t know how to live it.


There? Misty Rain and windy place, where too complex, transparent body can’t make. Dreams only knewwhere he lived, the man who let me know what, I sighed lightly, perhaps you shouldn’t have to have meread it, my dear friend, I have in mind for your bless, silently beg for your forgiveness


Has finally come to a close, transparent body light fell, with Millennium temper burst into tears.


Roses, flowers open.


Dream originates from the dream and ends with dreams, come such a long way with a lot of anguish, theheart is always parked in the rainy season.


Rainless sky, the Earth is very vast, clouds are happy dancing dancing beautiful Hyun Woo, mounted hisreturning to the bike a little merry mood with the song of the birds toward the familiar and unfamiliar roadslowly forward. Remember when walking alone on this road, remember with dream brother. Then we havethe same dream, we all work together and encourage each other. Think at this point we should have beenforgotten now that dream you, he and ~ I.


Maybe! Time has given me the most wants answered, look at passing a new bicycle. Only found this roadchanged. people walking have changed. grass has changed. trees has changed. I have changed Who I am is not the status quo, and work for ideals of hard work, laughs and tears down, even at failing. There fellin the stand up. Now searching only happy pedals past ~ feeling your belief in yourself.


A diamond in the rough stones to a flashing, it must go through a lengthy process of grinding a long but Ioften can’t stick it out just like a kite or fly without swaying in the wind, lost its way. Before you know it has come to this small patch of Woods, trees here appears to be not to greet me, and I know they no longerknew me. And never know I slowly parked in a familiar small wind fragrant tree, the air is still cool and veryclean, the brain early to get used to it, as if everything is back to the dream age. I stand for a very long timein the atmosphere, funny asking yourself: I am the boy who has a dream right? Apparently no one here cananswer me, answer that only you can answer the incomplete replies.


I love freedom, love to play, love, dreams, love to laugh, love, unwilling to mediocrity‘s own. In also find not to pieced together himself life of raindrops, walked a dozen a spring are in soul of sketchpad Shang with life of la pen graffiti out belongs to himself of a colorful of dream, I seems sleep has a century as, air is sink of shabby bow, in here, I escaped Mein of spring, secluded had burning people of summer, enjoy had bleak of autumn, played had sky of winter snow, I must to beat himself! I would also like to improve yourperformance not to disappoint people who cared about me, because I know that every winner isexperiencing some tempering slowly toward success, perhaps it‘s troubles is the spindle foot stone tosuccess. Someone once said: success is happiness ! So I think the success of the process should also behappy ! Yes ! My definition of success is: success is not pursuing, but change after the initiative attracted.


I believe that as long as I stick to it I can succeed, I will be happy every day! Finally wake up

Rose open again

My mom says that my IQ is only 76. How high my IQ, I don’t know. I only know that I am a man of highlethality, a lot of people get hurt because of me, they have lost hope in life, and some even committed suicide. So I always suspected that I had a potential superpower, and the super powers and do not knowwhy my teacher strength. I‘ve always wanted to say to them: sorry, Sir!


I still remember the first teacher died because of me. At that time I was in first grade, the teacher took us tothe wild as a natural course. See spring breeze green, willow branches, teachers can not help but think of aquestion, then asked: boys and girls, do you know how to identify wind direction? I knew it! Class a littlegirl answered from a leaf into the air from the floor to go from, pick things up in the air cast and watch itfloat over there and not know it. Well, very well. Teacher, and that another student is willing to give youa demonstration and see now what is scraping the wind? I. I volunteered to come out, half brick throwninto the air from the floor to go...... report of the teacher, now blowing wind up and down! ”…………。 Icannot remember exactly what the teachers face was what I remember is that he desperately struggled witha few herring. Later, according to the hospital‘s doctors said he was due to the intense stimulation leads toQi reversed suddenly possessed and die. In this way, I killed a teacher.


First-grade teacher taught us to understand an animal. Teacher: one animal feet every morning when theSun came up, it will wake you up and wakes you up so far, what kind of animal? I said, MOM! The smiling teacher nearly died!


Mid-term exam back home, MOM asked how do I test the son said, I question ask is what‘s the problem, Idid not fill out mom son said there is a question how much is 3 x 7 I filled regardless of 3,721 at 15. Mymom drank just water sprayed on my dad‘s face, hey . I am so great!


My dad asked my school? Son, the father asked, your teacher satisfied you? Oh, Yes, Daddy, verysatisfied. How did you know? She tell you that? Of course, dad. She told me that the day before yesterday: if all the students like you, I‘ll be out of school! This shows that I have learned. My dad‘s brainimmediately!@#$#@!$%$#@@


Math on the day, the teacher asked 1+1=? I said he did not know. Teacher told me to go back and ask. Iasked my mother, my mother was cooking, and told me to get out. I asked my dad, Dad watch the ball game, cries, cool . I asked my sister, sister sing, sing to the baby. I asked my brother, my brother calledand said, I’m waiting for you outside. The next day, the teacher asked 1+1=? I said: you gave out, and myteacher gave me a slap, I shouted, and teacher scold me for git, I called mean. Old saying; roll. I said, baby,I’m waiting for you outside. Our math teacher high blood pressure made on the spot, faint. .


I have Chinese lessons in primary schools, school Chinese teacher went to Ni Lao master class. Talking about the Blackboard and wrote a character, asked me: do you know the word? I answered don’t knoware talking about began inspired me: do you have a bed at home? I answered Yes , what was on thebed? Mat , mat it? I answered: my mother , talking about thought, right, MOM is the quilt, go oninspiration: your mother is concerned? My dad. Ni Lao architects never expect me to say, a fool of myself in front of so many teachers, under the emergency and asked what about quilt? I answered:blanket on the ground NI teacher by my mad lamb disease hospital!


Schools changing the teacher asked us to make a sentence, and I leisurely finish my homework teacher isimpressive to me the sentence I wrote was:


The dashuigou sad sad—-in front of our House.


—-Canned juice than nutritious.


Innocence—-very hot today, a good day for swimming.


Very—-sister math exam is, what a shame.


—-I do things calmly, it is easy from the start.


Ginseng—-teacher tomorrow when everyone participate in the relay, be sure to try.


Quilt quilt stole—-Jade‘s health.


—-Bob first thing you do every morning shit thing.


Stern said the teacher touched my head: Home Dmitri Trenin 10 articles, I got home no one, I’m going tocomplete the substitute teacher assignments, I painted the toilet began to manure, I am going to thebathroom the whole with ten very satisfied with my homework before hand. Back to her family had a curse,and the next day my Mom find the headmaster will substitute teacher fraught, later a substitute teacherbeing fired. 哎…… I am mentally to himself: I’m initiative long, ugly is not my intention, God never loses his temper, I will be brave enough to live, set off the beauty of the world.!!!!!!!


One morning while in class, I’m chewing gum, putting yourself into the aisles. At this time, the teacher saidto me: Please spit in your mouth, and then put your feet in my brain: @$#$%#$#


Some days after, and several teachers in succession suffered, fortunately, no human lives, there would beno poking out of too much trouble. But my reputation is spread like wildfire, and also became a celebrity in the city. However, the celebrities Hall of pain, I would deeply appreciate it.


When my junior high school, when physics physics class, the teacher asked me, you say, how to transfer?Me: Yang Shiguang according to the Sutra that if people do bad things will change when the ghosts!Original teacher was telling how satellites orbit! Wakes history class sleeps by the teacher, the teacherasked me: Princess Wencheng married who? Wang told me in a low voice: Emperor songtsen-Gampo. Ididn’t hear you, mouth to reply: song leaders. Later also did not go into the history.


One day I came back from the barber shop to be cool, opened the door, all the girls exclaimed: cool, sweet cheeks! I feel embarrassed, scratches his head: where! Where! Just got a cool head. Happens to be theprincipal walked from one side, say with a straight face: pick up a belt, which is also! Our brains soon !!Fortunately, nothing, I went to the hostel you want, walked through the girls downstairs and saw a friend,loudly boasted that, look, I cut a cool head. Right away on the second floor there is a girl out over mywaistband, you’re picking the waistband !!!!!


Exam the next day, biology teacher to a bird that is covered with a cloth. Then he put a bird‘s leg, exposingstudents to guess it was a bird. I really don’t know, just missed. Teacher is angry, he asked: why did youblank? What is your name? When I heard that, angrily rolled up trouser legs, revealing legs said, now it‘syour turn to guess who did it? Biology teacher soon fell ~~~~~~


My fame has brought me a lot of trouble. For every secondary school in the town for the school‘s securityconcerns, refused to accept my entry. No way, with a vision to key school unlimited, I went to thecountryside. Although conditions is a point in middle school in the countryside, but without the pressure ofpublic opinion, me living carefree. But at heart is gold will shine forth, and secondary school in the country-specific silencing does not suppress my outbreaks. By chance, I turned suddenly rise quickly occupied therural market.


One day, I was late, the teacher asked, why are you late? I said: in the morning I’ll take next-door Uncleboar breeding, so would have been late. Teachers haven’t listened to wide open eyes, saying it should go to the next-door Uncle puzzles me saying this is must-boar, uncle next door is not Ah!


It was a quiz show, after the last competition in class and another class without a winner. So the hostannounced the most and then decide the way: draw sent a representative in each class. Two representativesfor the coin. Right from wrong question-a question, such as guessing wrong right, guess who wins.Otherwise, then guess where the class set to win. Tian Ling ling, Ling-ling, the not my job got. I wasrepresented and successfully guess the coin into the question-and-answer phase. Teachers and students totense up, and everyone looked at me with a keen eye. Especially the head teacher, looking heavy and said nothing. I also feel some pressure, but not because of this but because my opponentWang Xiaofo, Wangwas the most powerful in our school master killer case also saved several lives under his hand. It is said that the former President will die in it‘s hand. But I still have some clout, because anyway I Zeng Chichafigure. Questioning began.


Wang Xiao Buddha with his hands in his pockets and slowly said, my mother cooked some eggs in mypocket today, do you know a couple? Coax! The surrounding uproar. I don’t know why everyone isbooing, but I know that this issue is of great interest to me. The eggs! I almost didn’t hear him asking anyquestion, I only hear the unmistakable egg two characters. You know in a few years the country life havealmost nothing to eat, there are two eggs, it was really delicious. I seemed to see that bright yellow tenderegg whites and egg yolks . If I’m right, you‘ll give me one to eat it? I had already forgotten what quiz,class and honor. I’m only interested in eggs, eggs! If you get it right, I‘ll give you two eggs. Coax! In anuproar. I see other students face a startled, while my classmates cheered, hugged each other to celebratethe victory, Li also told me to smile look, I don’t know what they are happy, but everybody smiles at me andI smiled sheepishly at them, and then replied: five yet?


Students smile suddenly stood still, gradually, the tide usually disappear without a trace. Other studentsshouted suddenly laughed. Things of this world is changing in an instant of Kung Fu, you cry laugh, laughcry, cry laugh I don’t know what to. Before I could ponder what‘s going on. Conference Hall suddenlymessed up. I saw one person fell backwards, column out of blood in the mouth, and then slowly fell.


Teacher Lee!


Teacher Lee!


Is our teacher! I quickly drove past. Teacher was pale, her eyes closed and fell unconscious. Was he killedLi!


It’s him!


It’s him!


Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish swish swish swish swish!!!


Like a bunch of angry eyes sharp arrows shot to me.


My eyes went blank, ears a voice: how long! The door! Let the dogs! Unauthorized persons are back!


Later, it is said that Mr Li did not die, but serious illness, after sick leave, cynical, cut my hair to be a monk in the Wutai Mountain, no longer teaches.


Roses, flowers open.

Alone in the rain

Outside it was raining, and I was wandering alone in the rain


The South wind gently blows, this time together in a hurry. If I could, would like all condensed into today‘sbottom, respectively. Perhaps the years past leg color, maybe space across to each other, but still worthkeeping our profound friendship.


Past years have gone, but left our dream-like childhood memories. Yours and yours and enjoy it! Let therain wash away our schoolmates years, left us the most real, the most pure friendship. Liu Xia, and wemurmured whispers, alumni passed around in the hands, the students for several years, young love, butnow can only stay for a few alumni. Hey! Let our friendship as a progressive force it!


Friendship is a lifelong thing, no matter how much the passage of distance, I still remember, that once atotal of friendship, and bless you, my forever friend, respectively, please take the flower image and theperfume of the flowers stay, I wrote on the alumni.


Edge is a silent language, pulling two people meet, friend, acquaintance, and we can study under the sameblue sky‘s edge, but all good things must come to an end, but Ah! No difference come together, the saying goes: as decreed by meeting missed the opposite after all.


Rain drip answer dripped on the window, are so crisp, sweet, just like the beautiful melody. On theplayground, and classmates hugged together, sang a song that we are most familiar with, remote hard tofind friends and meet some new friends never forget old friends Suddenly, the rain, song sounds intoone, filled the whole campus.


Looking at the sky, there was a rainbow, colorful, beautiful. After the rain washed, everything is so new.Only the students of the mind still, wave my hand, so hard to say goodbye.


Don’t know who is on my shoulder for a moment, back to God, Yo! Class dismissed .

Lost time

Reminisce about my of lost time! In a spring breeze, peach and plum blossoms season, a young baby wasborn. In both a Palm full of love‘s love, she, grow! Joy, worry, transformation, step by step she approachedthe shore of dreams. Signature


When I was young, my wayward loud, Grandma always sang to me. That dream seems to be singing aballad: shake shake, shake Shanghai triad. My grandmother asked me to eat cake cake


Familiar songs intermittently has entered my ears have suddenly remembered, I do not know how longhave no contact with my favorite music, not that I don’t want to, but I just can’t. My mother told me: yourjob is to learn, this is the most important. Maybe this is true, I never know what I want, and not qualified tochoose what I wanted. Music, life, everything, after all, is a distant dream. Wake up, back to reality. Ithought: this is the difference between dreams and reality!


Bow, bow, see the desk, is filled with a thick stacked books on the shelves, suddenly wet with tears in her eyes. At that moment, finally understood why Guo wrote of the brink of love and pain: so real! He alsorealized that the gap between dreams and reality, right? I do not know who listen to say for a long time, thepursuit of dreams sufferings, pain and happiness. At that time, I foolishly believed. Now, however, I feel thatthe man standing not felt a backache. Happy? Yes, I want to be happy, but never quite rallied with a heavymouth! Math, it seems to me, is a formidable ditch. Once upon a time, I’m full of confidence, but when Itried my best and still cannot reach a parent‘s request, when the teacher‘s expectations, and I was tired.Happy? Where are you? Is my hard enough? Maybe!


Fly random thoughts, I can’t help thinking Han‘s glimpse of man in the Cup. I thought, now I would like acup of that piece of paper is slowly into the water, but also into the world as a whole! Admire Han, roadscan be so open, incomplete view was nice. I can’t do that, I’m just an ordinary person, doing my ordinary,simple dreams. I am what I am, never the second Han!


Tears flow again to the corners of the mouth. I’m so tired, so there is not even the strength to wipe awaytears. Let it flow. Lost to fake a smile, a good cry. Says I am timid or cowardly or maybe cry, will be relieved,will become brave, then everything can start again!


It was dark, the rain still trickling down. However, I must soldier on even when it rains. I’m sure things willchange for the better! Tomorrow‘s Sun is still new. Dream, or you can plug in wings of hope, fly, fly to thehighest point of life. Because dreams are at the edge of life


Fields of rice yellow, heavy rice bent the stems of rice, in the field of rice in the autumn of bowing and scraping for hardworking farmers


Garden full of fruit, bending the branches, their naughty sticks out of the face, shaking.


Ah! Autumn is coming


In the distance, people sing along: this year‘s harvest has arrived. This took priority over the noise of thebirds singing. The Earth on a new garment.


Boat to towering between the two mountains, green mountains and blue waters, waves rippling. Breeze onthe shore of the two rows of poplars, and gently swaying, as if waving to us. Who was washing clothes on the shore or frolicking in the water, as well as continuous song drifting away from my ear, the beauty of itall seemed to have fixed in an instant! I couldn’t help but sing along, I revel in the Wonderland


Character clips writing


Is on television about a 15 year old boy how raising a five year old sister adult experience. Little boy as a child, his father died, my mother also took a hit, instead of them. So the boy lived a poor life with her sister.We can clearly see: a small, narrow House, only a desk and a bed and some would shatter the Bowl!Daytime boys school side to take care of his sister, the home of simple living and to see that I could not help shedding tears


They are ordinary people, just like us, our standard of living is much higher than that for them! Why can’twe achieve their results?

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